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Darenth Parish Council

Works Schedule


Planned work on bridleways is set to begin at 8am on Tuesday 26 November. All work each day is intended to finish by 3pm.

The School end of School Lane will be started first, the intention is to improve the surface, which isn’t in a particularly poor state anyway, with 3 tons of patching. The main part of School Lane will be prepared on 26 November and the work will begin from the grass verge to a distance of 4 metres towards properties. The tarmacking will take place on the Wednesday. Parked cars will not be a serious impediment, but it is suggested they are left on driveways where possible. The work-gang will be happy to accommodate any specific individual requirements. Entrance and egress from the bridleway will always be accessible from one end or the other, whichever one is not in use will be immediately obvious. It is planned for School Lane to be finished by Wednesday 27th, weather permitting.  On Thursday 28th, the three potholes in the car park adjacent to the school will be repaired. The areas affected have been identified with blue spray paint and parked cars ought not to be affected.

On Friday 29 November the driveway from the car park owned by Dartford Borough Council to Waller Park Pavilion will be repaired to a length of 25 metres. This should not cause any inconvenience to Pavilion users.

From Monday 2 December, the same process will begin along the Clockhouse Stable bridleway. Works will commence at 8am, finish at 3pm preparation, on Monday and tarmac laid on Tuesday.  A 4-metre-wide roadway will be created from end-to-end, but we do not intend to cover the whole width of the bridleway, it is solely to improve the comfort of vehicular movement.

From Wednesday 4 December, preparation will begin on Slip Cottages bridleway with resurfacing works taking place on Thursday 5th. This should complete all planned works with Friday being left as a bad weather contingency day.

Any further enquiries regarding this notification should be referred to the Parish Clerk, via the website www.darenthpckent.uk or by calling 01474 707030.